It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye – or gets sheared.

Alpaca VS Llama runs a grain encrusted ship, filled with more wool than you can shake a spool at. Alpaca VS Llama started in 2012. Housing the series, game and digital work of producer and writer Elize Morgan, Alpaca VS Llama strives to develop and create not only original projects, but fresh and slightly grass-encrusted content that feature unique voices.

Elize has been writing games, TV and digital-specific content for almost a decade. Having written everything from ARGs to TV shows and flash games, she has worked at all levels of the industry. Having created two of her own digital series – one with over a million views and a standalone game – she also produces engaging content that cross all platforms. All with the mighty Alpaca and Llama at her back. Elize is a graduate from the CFC for television writing, has completed an MA in Popular Culture focusing on digital and television intersections and a BA in English Literature.

Elize Morgan is a writer, producer, game maker and sometime pie baker. While she is not an alpaca farmer, she can herd goats.

Alpaca VS Llama

Elize Morgan




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Prohibit – Game

March 15, 2014

A prohibition-era game with a detective, a missing dame, and all the law, or lawlessness you can want. Choose to help the speakeasies and rumrunners, or the federal agents as you follow the trail of a missing woman.

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Agentur – Transmedia Series

March 14, 2014

When 200 people go missing, and stay missing it’s called an event and people move on. Except for the people that know the truth. And Lauren is about to fall down the rabbit hole.

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Rollers – One Hour Drama

February 14, 2014

One badass motorcycle cop with a checkered past, and one by the book motorcycle cop. When they get partnered together because they’re the only ladies in the department everything is going to run smoothly. Obviously.

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